Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiffany and Co on my nails

So I got one great nail design idea from this tiffany box;)

This is what I came up with!!!!
As you can see, I used Revlon nail polish, enamel in Minted. Ever since I saw this color for the first time, it reminded me a beautiful color of tiffany and co box.

I usually wear rings on both of my ring fingers so I put rings on my nails as well. The base color is the revlon in minted. After that, I used white nail polish and drew lines. Then, I put silver glitter on top and bottom of white lines. And applied these huge stones on ring fingers. Cut silver chains and applied on both side of the stones.

Look how big is the stone!!!!!!!! You worry it might come off easiliy??

So I used gel nail!!! I applied 3 coats of gel to secure the stones and it is good to go;)

I created this look about 3 days ago and they are still on my fingers.
( Just let you know I cook, wash dishes, take shower and everything with these nails)

I also did my toe nails and put rings on them too;) I put rhinestones in the center and cut chains and put on both side!! (This is just nail polish, no gel)

so what do you like think? hope you guys liked it;)

I am not posting as often as I would like to because of work!!
But thank you guys for reading my blog;)



Friday, June 4, 2010

VIVID FUSION's great giveaway

So VIVID FUSION is having a great giveaway so just wanted to share!!!!

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So that's about it!!

Good luck girls;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wet N Wild, Revlon, NYC haul & review!!

I bought these products about 2 weeks ago,,(Some are longer than that.) I wanted to share these with you guys earlier but I had to work plus I wanted to try out before I share so here's the haul & review!!

I never was interested in wet wild so much because I don't know,,, never was appealing to me that much. But I started to see a few girls on youtube use their products and I was like " may be they are not that bad..;)" And drugs store near my place had sales on wet N wild since they were going to discontinue their products.. So I was like why not try out??

This is Idol eyes cream eye shadow in distress. I thought this is dark blue color but actually pretty bright blue and purple-ish color. This is super creamy!!! Since it was on sale, it was only like $1.20. (Swatches are down below)

Next product is Ultimate expression. Basically it's eyeshadow palette. It comes with 8 different color and it was only $3.00.

It looks like this when you open it. You can also pull a good size mirror.Only one thing I didn't like about this package was the cover does not go all the way down. It stops there.

These shadows are pigmented except 4. Some how only 4 is so hard to work with. But I am very happy with the rest.

This is the swatch of almost all the products I share here. As you can see only 4 is not showing up and I wiped twice and three times. The rest, I wiped only once and look how pigmented it is!!
(this is with flash)

(this is without flash)

I also got Mega Eyes cream Eyeliner in eggplant. I never had purple cream eyeliner so I gave a try. This is only about $2.

It comes with a brush. But I found it is hard to work with. It is too firm it doesn't move like how I want it to move.

This is how it looks from the side.

This is how it looks when you first open it and this is very true to the color.

This is how it looks after first dip. My first impression was "This is super creamy;)"

This is how it looks on the skin. I was soooooo disappointed,,,,,

I mean look at it. It leaves chunk of eyeliner on my skin so imagine how hard it is to work around your eyes... I don't think I am going to use this as an eyeliner. But I guess I could use it as cream eye shadow but we'll see,,,,

This is Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted. I've been wanted this for LOOOOONG time and finally found it in my local drugstore,,,, I know I am so late to get this but everything comes so slow here so yeah I am glad I found it. It was only $4.99. Since someone ( I forgot) said this color is similar to tiffany box color, I thought this one is just sooo CUTE;)

(This is with flash)

Perfect for summer!! I am pretty sure this nail polish is the one I'm gonna wear the most this summer;) I am going to do some nail art with this soon;)
(This is without flash)

Since I had coupon for the Revlon color burst lipstick, I decided to buy one in Peach. I also wanted to get in Soft nude but my local walmart wasn't carrying it at the time and still is not.

I really like this color!! I never had peach color lipstick so this is awesome!! This is swatch for this lipstick.

This is my lips without anything on.

This is how it looks with lipstick in peach.

Next products are N.Y.C. Lip sliders tinted lip balm. Since Holly Ann-AeRee was recommending this, I thought I give a try. It was only like $2.50. The first color I got was on the right hand side, name is sugar kiss. I didn't remember which color holly was recommending at the store so I just grabbed one that I thought she was talking about. When I got home, I check her video and realized that the one I bought wasn't the one she liked. But I put it on and I fell in love with it!!! So I went to walmart again and grabbed one that she was recommending which was Sugar coated!!! After I took these pictures, I gave a try on sugar coated. (These smells SUPER SWEET like candy)

( see!!!! You can tell I used a lot of Sugar kiss)

This is with Sugar kiss!! Since my lips are pretty pigmented, it is kind of hard to see the color from this pictures but in real life, my lips looks so juicy and fuller!!!

This is with Sugar coated. This one is more like pale kind of pink on my lips.

I personally like sugar kiss better for daily use since it makes my lips look juicier and yummy looking. I use sugar coated when I have a lot of make ups on my eyes so that my face doesn't look like full of makeups.

One thing I really like about this product is that it is SUPER MOISTURIZING!!!!!!

One good and bad thing is that hard to come off. It's good cuz it lasts super long 0n your lips if you don't eat. But I can't apply this with fingers cuz otherwise it won't come off even with soap and I'm gonna have to deal with sticky fingers. So I use brush to apply this.

So here is little UPDATE

Some of you might know I had Elf review in the past (Click here if you wanna read) and I didn't like their Lip Defining Brush.

But I love it now!!! I use this brush to apply NYC Lip balm now. Once I washed this brush, the hard part on the top came off and it's super soft now. I think I might order a couple more.

Hope you guys liked this haul/review!! Do you guys own any of these products?? let me hear your opinion;)