Friday, April 30, 2010

Hair of the day

I LOVE Ribbons<3 Today I put the ribbons on my hair. So many people told me they liked my hair when I was in town today so I thought I would put it on my blog.

I think this is perfect when you don't have much time in the morning!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ELF review!!! this review is LONG

YAAAAY!!!! So I got Elf a couple days ago and I am so excited!!!
I always love the feeling to receive a box;)

So when I opened up the box, it looked like this!

I took out the bag from box, and here's what it looks like!!I really like the design of the bag. I wish the string where you tie at the top was little bit thicker..

So here's what I ordered!!!

E.L.F. products

Studio line products


Kabuki Brush
And I got lip gloss for free!! At the end of payment, they ask you if I want to introduce 3 of my friends! So I put their name and email address and I got this free gift.

The smell is very sweet and since I am not the biggest fan of sweet smell, this is ok. This product contain a bit of glitter.

As you can see in this picture. This is very true to the color. Smell is ok to me. But moisturize my lips very well!

Now I want to talk about BRUSHES!!!!

*Kabuki Brush* This is my first time purchasing kabuki brush. I never found use for it much but this time they had studio line 50%off deal so I gave a try!!
This original price is $5 but since it was 50%off I got it for $2.50.
I love this brush. It is SO SOFT and I just want to keep touching it!!! I would say this is such a great deal and I defiantly recommend it!!

*Blush Brush* The size is perfect for cheeks. It is very soft. BUT

Check this out people!! Do you see how the brush is not perfectly round and there are some parts that popped out !!! Am I too sensitive about this or what?? Do you guys care too?? or is it just me???LOL I wish this brush came with perfectly round shape. but it is VERY SOFT!

*Small Angled Brush* This brush is pretty soft but stiff enough so that easy to put eyeliner.

This picture is comparison with the angled brush that I own. This is drug store brand.
The brush that I own is pretty wide.

However, when I take a look from the side, the elf brush is definitely thicker!!! But I would still say that this brush is pretty good;)

*Brow comb & brush* I would say Comb part is pretty good! I can use that to cut my eyebrows.

I really don't like the brush part. It's so HARD and it seriously hurts when I brush on my skin. I would definitely not use.Also, as you can tell from the picture, it's MESSED UP!!! The brush is going all over the place. I wouldn't recommend this product even though it's $1.

*Small Smudged Brush* This is pretty soft as well. And it is good quality. I would use this to fill up my eyebrows and also to smudge out my lower eye line.

*Contour Brush* I LOVE THIS BRUSH!! This brush make the smoky eye look so much easier! Soft and perfect for blending!!

*Lip Defining Brush* This brush is not good at all. why? because the top of the brush is so hard like a plastic. It hurts. I am thinking about cutting that part off.

You see in this picture where it is pointing on the top. SOMEHOW the top is so hard.

This is from the side. This brush is way too big for lips.(At least my lips) I wouldn't recommend it.

*Eyeshadow brush* This is actually my 2nd time to purchase this brush. This brush works great. It is very SOFT!!!

In this picture, I compared old one and new one. As you can see, the old one is taller.

Even though these look little bit different from each other, these still work great! I love it!!!

Now I want to talk about E.L.F. Products

*Lip gloss* For $1, I would say this is great!! Color is very nice. One on the left is pink kiss. And on the right is goddess. These are both gorgeous colors!

This is how it looks like!! These are very true to the color!!

I don't have pictures itself but I also bought pencil eyeliner in midnight and lip liner in Mauve Luxe. On the right hand side in the lip gloss from candy shop.

*Bronzer* I got bronzer in sun kissed. I don't know if you can tell from this picture but this bronzer is pretty shimmery!!

This is a comparison. The one on the left is Elf's one and on the right is the bronzer from physicians formula.

*Blush* I got blush in shy. At first I had a hard time to figure out how I can open this up. because you have to actually slide the top. I almost break it,,,lol but anyway this is very cute color. I thought this product is pretty small compared to other products!

OK. SO here's what it looks like on skin. As you can tell, sun kissed is SUPER PIGMENTED!!
but also shimmery. The other bronzer that I own is definitely matt.

*Brightening Eye Color* I have in (from left) Punk funk, Ivy,and Hazy Hazel.

This is Punk Funk. As you can see the pink is VERY PIGMENTED. Other colors are not bad but PURPLE. Purple had hard time to put on.

This is Ivy. These are very soft color and I like them all!! I love green on my eyes<3 style="display: block; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 400px; height: 214px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5465329927028367570" border="0">

This is hazy hazel. I like all the colors but again. PURPLE IS NOT PIGMENTED. I think in this one, I put the shadow twice on purple but still looks like this.

Now I want to talk about Studio Line!!!

*Mineral Eyeshadow Primer* I know this is not from studio line. This works very well!! I used to use the other eye primer from elf. ( Stick type) and it didn't work at all for me.

I saw some space on the bottom of the primer. I am pretty sure it is not a big deal. But is this mean that this product is pretty thick???

Here's how it looks like on my skin.

I rubbed about 2-3 times and see? Its gone!! Very smooth and this is a good buy!!

*Cream Eyeliner* I think this is a new product from elf. I don't remember seeing this in the past. ( I could be wrong though) So I decided to give a try!

From the side, it looks like this.

This is what it looks like when you first open it~~

And this is how it looks like after I dip my brush


*Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder* As you can see, these are both shimmery!! I would put them on my face very lightly though. Otherwise my face's gonna be too shimmery..haha

This is how it looks like on skin.

*Corrective Concealer* I was pretty excited for this product because I have redness on my face and I couldn't wait to try this out. But disappointingly, it does not cover much.

That's why I don't have a picture of this product on my skin because it was almost nothing there. If I really want to use this, then I guess I have to put them quit a lot. It comes with this little brush and this brush's quality is pretty good.

*Complexion Perfection* so same as corrective concealer, I was really excited for this one too. But I think this one is little bit more pigmented than the concealer so I think I can find a way to use this.
But as you can see, if you have serious redness like me, this kind of pigment is not gonna do anything. (but at least it showed up on the picture) ^v^lol

*Warm Bronzer* These are pretty shimmery as well. I think I can also use this as eyeshadow!!

Again, as you can see these are pretty shimmery, I would put these very lightly.

*Pressed Power in sand* I got this because I have oily skin. I thought this would be perfect especially when I go work so that I don't have to bring mirror, powder and sponge separately.

This is how it looks like when you open it.

You see how thin it is between the red lines?? I think it would be nicer if they put a little bit more of product.

And this is how the sponge looks like. Honestly, this one is pretty thin and quality isn't great. But I didn't expect too much cuz I bought this for work. So it's alright.

and this is how the sponge looks like. Just let you know, the reason why I don't have picture of this product on my skin is not because it wasn't pigmented. It was because the color matched my skin so well that it didn't show it on the picture. Coverage is good enough so suck up my oil on my skin.

Thank you guys for reading this LONG reviews... Hope you guys like it. It took almost all day for me to edit Let me know what you guys think of elf or this review!! Do you guys have some rec0mmentdation for me to try out?? What is your favorite??