Monday, April 5, 2010


These are all the nail art I did by myself on my OWN NAILS.
For these I don't use just regular pedicure but soak off gel.
Some people might wondering what is "soak off gel"
Soak off gel is so popular in Japan (and prolly in Asia)already.
Basically, it is gel and you apply on your nails with small brushes.
It won't get harden by just leaving there but you have to put them in
UV lamp.
In my opinion, gel nails last longer than nail polish and I like gel nail better.
(gel nail last about 2-3 weeks for me if you don't care about some rhinestones fall)
No matter what you do, (washing dishes, washing your hair anything with water),
your nails are going to stay pretty!!! Isn't that AMAZING;)

anyways, hope you guys like the pics!! Again, I don't go to salon to do these.
I do it at home and I love it!!!!!

next time, I'll post what I did on my friends nails!^u^


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