Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiffany and Co on my nails

So I got one great nail design idea from this tiffany box;)

This is what I came up with!!!!
As you can see, I used Revlon nail polish, enamel in Minted. Ever since I saw this color for the first time, it reminded me a beautiful color of tiffany and co box.

I usually wear rings on both of my ring fingers so I put rings on my nails as well. The base color is the revlon in minted. After that, I used white nail polish and drew lines. Then, I put silver glitter on top and bottom of white lines. And applied these huge stones on ring fingers. Cut silver chains and applied on both side of the stones.

Look how big is the stone!!!!!!!! You worry it might come off easiliy??

So I used gel nail!!! I applied 3 coats of gel to secure the stones and it is good to go;)

I created this look about 3 days ago and they are still on my fingers.
( Just let you know I cook, wash dishes, take shower and everything with these nails)

I also did my toe nails and put rings on them too;) I put rhinestones in the center and cut chains and put on both side!! (This is just nail polish, no gel)

so what do you like think? hope you guys liked it;)

I am not posting as often as I would like to because of work!!
But thank you guys for reading my blog;)



Friday, June 4, 2010

VIVID FUSION's great giveaway

So VIVID FUSION is having a great giveaway so just wanted to share!!!!

If you are interested in, click here!!!

You are going to win this!!!!


All you have to do is...

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So that's about it!!

Good luck girls;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wet N Wild, Revlon, NYC haul & review!!

I bought these products about 2 weeks ago,,(Some are longer than that.) I wanted to share these with you guys earlier but I had to work plus I wanted to try out before I share so here's the haul & review!!

I never was interested in wet wild so much because I don't know,,, never was appealing to me that much. But I started to see a few girls on youtube use their products and I was like " may be they are not that bad..;)" And drugs store near my place had sales on wet N wild since they were going to discontinue their products.. So I was like why not try out??

This is Idol eyes cream eye shadow in distress. I thought this is dark blue color but actually pretty bright blue and purple-ish color. This is super creamy!!! Since it was on sale, it was only like $1.20. (Swatches are down below)

Next product is Ultimate expression. Basically it's eyeshadow palette. It comes with 8 different color and it was only $3.00.

It looks like this when you open it. You can also pull a good size mirror.Only one thing I didn't like about this package was the cover does not go all the way down. It stops there.

These shadows are pigmented except 4. Some how only 4 is so hard to work with. But I am very happy with the rest.

This is the swatch of almost all the products I share here. As you can see only 4 is not showing up and I wiped twice and three times. The rest, I wiped only once and look how pigmented it is!!
(this is with flash)

(this is without flash)

I also got Mega Eyes cream Eyeliner in eggplant. I never had purple cream eyeliner so I gave a try. This is only about $2.

It comes with a brush. But I found it is hard to work with. It is too firm it doesn't move like how I want it to move.

This is how it looks from the side.

This is how it looks when you first open it and this is very true to the color.

This is how it looks after first dip. My first impression was "This is super creamy;)"

This is how it looks on the skin. I was soooooo disappointed,,,,,

I mean look at it. It leaves chunk of eyeliner on my skin so imagine how hard it is to work around your eyes... I don't think I am going to use this as an eyeliner. But I guess I could use it as cream eye shadow but we'll see,,,,

This is Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted. I've been wanted this for LOOOOONG time and finally found it in my local drugstore,,,, I know I am so late to get this but everything comes so slow here so yeah I am glad I found it. It was only $4.99. Since someone ( I forgot) said this color is similar to tiffany box color, I thought this one is just sooo CUTE;)

(This is with flash)

Perfect for summer!! I am pretty sure this nail polish is the one I'm gonna wear the most this summer;) I am going to do some nail art with this soon;)
(This is without flash)

Since I had coupon for the Revlon color burst lipstick, I decided to buy one in Peach. I also wanted to get in Soft nude but my local walmart wasn't carrying it at the time and still is not.

I really like this color!! I never had peach color lipstick so this is awesome!! This is swatch for this lipstick.

This is my lips without anything on.

This is how it looks with lipstick in peach.

Next products are N.Y.C. Lip sliders tinted lip balm. Since Holly Ann-AeRee was recommending this, I thought I give a try. It was only like $2.50. The first color I got was on the right hand side, name is sugar kiss. I didn't remember which color holly was recommending at the store so I just grabbed one that I thought she was talking about. When I got home, I check her video and realized that the one I bought wasn't the one she liked. But I put it on and I fell in love with it!!! So I went to walmart again and grabbed one that she was recommending which was Sugar coated!!! After I took these pictures, I gave a try on sugar coated. (These smells SUPER SWEET like candy)

( see!!!! You can tell I used a lot of Sugar kiss)

This is with Sugar kiss!! Since my lips are pretty pigmented, it is kind of hard to see the color from this pictures but in real life, my lips looks so juicy and fuller!!!

This is with Sugar coated. This one is more like pale kind of pink on my lips.

I personally like sugar kiss better for daily use since it makes my lips look juicier and yummy looking. I use sugar coated when I have a lot of make ups on my eyes so that my face doesn't look like full of makeups.

One thing I really like about this product is that it is SUPER MOISTURIZING!!!!!!

One good and bad thing is that hard to come off. It's good cuz it lasts super long 0n your lips if you don't eat. But I can't apply this with fingers cuz otherwise it won't come off even with soap and I'm gonna have to deal with sticky fingers. So I use brush to apply this.

So here is little UPDATE

Some of you might know I had Elf review in the past (Click here if you wanna read) and I didn't like their Lip Defining Brush.

But I love it now!!! I use this brush to apply NYC Lip balm now. Once I washed this brush, the hard part on the top came off and it's super soft now. I think I might order a couple more.

Hope you guys liked this haul/review!! Do you guys own any of these products?? let me hear your opinion;)



Sunday, May 30, 2010

My skill for my puppy

(This post is not related to any makeups or fashion!)

Yup!! This is my baby puppy, his name is PUFFY!!! He is going to be 2 years old next month!!
He is 100% Pomeranian!!

I never was into pet before. I never grew up with any pets (just gold fishes). I used to be whatever about any kind of pets. But puffy is so special to me!!!

Anyway, he had his toy to chew which was a stuffed giraffe. But the lill giraffe finally got destroyed by puffy's aggressive chewing . ( Rest in Peace giraffe)

So we had to get him another toy. But today I was so bored I decided to make one toy for him!!!

This is what I came up with. Tadaaaa----!!!(^v^) My grandma used to teach me how to sew so it was super easy!!!

Sorry lill white teddy bear for sacrifice you for the toy!!
I had to cut this bear for materials.(I feel like I'm such a bad person!!!)
I mean,,,,, look at it!!

but my baby puffy is so happy with that toy so I am happy too;)

I love you PUFFY!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

YAY! Stylish Blog Award / TAG

I am soooooo happy because I got my second award!!!! I've been always wanted this award just because I thought this picture is nice;)

Thank you so much to Kaitlyn for giving me this award!!!Please check her blog cuz she has awesome reviews;)

So for this Award/Tag, you list 5 random facts, and then nominate/tag 5 bloggers.


1. I've been living in Hawaii for 3 years now, but still don't know how to swim.

2. I am a CHOCOLATE freak.

3. I don't eat breakfast but protein shake.

4. I get jokes about 5-10 seconds after other people get it.

5. I Love to day dream!


She is interested in Japanese fashion and it is so fun to read her reviews and how she thinks of Japanese trend. Thank you Keiko!!

2.Nadia- It's always summer on the inside
Out of no where, she found me from UK!! Thank you Nadia!!!

She found me from out of no where too!! Thank you girl!!!

4.discombobulatedd is here
Pictures of her delicious looking pasta got my eyes!!lol haha Thank you!!

5. Tris(?) (if it's wrong, sorry! Let me know~~) The Girlie Blog
I really liked her review on taking off your make up with natural Olive Oil!!! Thank you for following me!!

Thanks to all my new and old followers for liking my blog!!!

enjoy your award!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm back!! Here's some nail arts and eyelash perm review!!

okaaaaay;) So I am FINALLY back to my blog !!!!! It's not that I got lazy...lol
This past 2 weeks, I had been so busy with work!! When I work it was almost 18 hours a day. Even though I get off the next day, my body was still tired so I am so happy to be back!!! I bought several exciting products in this past 2 weeks so I will post them later on!!!

So I don't actually have this nail on me any more but I will just share this with you guys!!
I used light pink as a base color and put gold nail polish from the middle of nails to upper!!
Between these colors, I applied gold glitter which I LOVE!!!
And at the end I put flower stickers on thumb nails and ring finger nails!!
(This is only nails polish)

I did this nail for my friend!!! I actually did almost same designed nails on my other friend's nails ( I posted pictures before so if you want to look click here) and my friend was like " Oh I want the same design!!!"This time color didn't really show up on the camera much but in real life, it looks more blueish color!!! These are with flash and without flash!!
(This is gel nails)

I also painted her toe nails!!! She said she liked it simple. So the base color is just a nude color and put a gold glitter like how you do your french nails!! Gold glitter stands out so well on toes! I love it so much!!!
(This is only nail polish)

okay so here is a review on eyelash perm!!! Some of you might be like "What is eyelash perm?" Basically, what you do is perm your eyelash with special liquid and your eyelashes are going to stay curled for a month or so. Since my friend has skill and equipments to do this, she did it on my eyelashes;)

so this is before the perm. As you can see, lashes are just so straight. Typical Asian lashes,,lol

yea it looks pretty creepy and sorry about that!! I wasn't gonna take pictures but I thought some of you might want to see how you do it so here is the picture!
I was the one closing my eyes for a entire time so I didn't see everything of course. But what I felt on my skin was first she put some kind of glue on my eyelids and stabilize these yellow things. Then put all my upper eyelashes on this yellow thing. This takes the longest. After all the lashes fits in, apply a special liquid( I don't exactly know what it is) on eyelashes and leave it for about 20 min. and At the end slowly take out lashes from yellow parts and take off the glue between eyelids and yellow things with cotton with water. Total it took about 2 hours.
This is how it looks after. It was so hard to catch this curl with camera. But you can tell the lashes are going up compared to the first picture. You can actually tell the difference a lot better from the front but since I didn't take any front picture before the perm application, I decided not to post a pic.This eyelash perm works great on me!! I don't even need to curl my eyelashes anymore in the morning.

My friend said my lashes are pretty thick compared to other people's one so it is harder to absorbs the liquid and also harder to get curled. So just keep in your mind that it does not grantee that you would have a perfect curls. It really depends on what kind of eyelashes you have.

Only one thing my friend told me was since this is same thing as you perming your hair, of course your eyelashes get damaged a bit. But as long as you use any kind of treatment for your lashes, it is totally okay for lashes.

I use
L'Oreal Eyelash Serum!!!!

So far, I haven't noticed any damage on my lashes, and it's been about 2 weeks now.

So if you know any place that you can get your eyelashes permed, I would definitely recommend you to try out!! This time, my friend did this for me for free since I did her nails. But I would say if I have to pay for this, maximum I would pay is under $40.

If any of you have tried this, let me know~~;) Or do you guys have any product you like to keep your lashes curled for long time?

Let me know (^v^)

you guys have a beautiful day


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Green GREEEEEEN ^V^

So here is my nails with green nail polish with gold glitter!!! I made a bow with green rhinestones and it is on the thumb nail. This time I just used nail polish. (no gel) Since my nails are short now, I don't need to protect my nails from cracking!!!

This is with flash!!!

This is without flash!!!( this one is more true to the color)

And this is what I have on my toe nails!! It is the same design as my hands nails!!

This is spring-ish and I really like the fact that green stands out a lot!!!!;)

Thank you guys for reading!!



lill Haul & I am loving....

I actually bought these about a week ago,,,,, Sorry I couldn't post it earlier!!!

But anyway,





Did you wonder what this is?? This is actually a ring!!! It actually stretch well so really comfortable to wear!!! I am not big fan of rings at all. Just because I already have marriage rings to wear and also ring from my family. So I usually have at least 3 rings on my hands and I thought it is too much to wear more than that!!

But when I first saw it, I fell in love with this!!! I didn't go to store to get this. I was just standing at the cashier and this was on the side, telling me that she wants me to be a owner!!!!lol
There were white one and black one so I decided to get black one. This was only $3.99.

This picture shows you how big this ring is!! IT'S HUUUUUGEEE!!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!!
I fell in love with this cute look, how comfortable it is to wear, and the SIZE~!!!!

This is headband with huge ribbon!!!!! I didn't have anything like this and I always wanted to get one with ribbon!! So this was perfect!! This was only $2.99 so I got it!!!

I really like the material they use on this! Super silky looking! Since my hair is dark, even though I put this on my head, it's not gonna be like " Daaaaang you get a huge ribbon on your head", you know?!? lol So I think it's important to pick the color carefully!!

I love this!!!^u^

This is earrings that have pearls on heart!!! I am a collector of earrings!!! but I didn't have pearl earring much and I really like this. When I dress up something casual, like white hollister shirt and jeans, I just wear this and put my hair down. Since my hair is dark, this earring stands out!!!

This is how it looks from the side!!

This is a picture of me wearing it!! So cute, right?? This was $3.99.

The last one is earring of black ribbon!!! By now, you guys can tell that
Ribbons started to be popular recently but waaaay before that I always loved it!!!!

When you put it on, it's pretty big. As you can see, it covers my second hole so I would just wear this by itself. I love the size of this too!!!

You guys might be wondering where I got these from. I got these from "Jeans warehouse" which is only located in hawaii state!!! Their website is here if you guys wanna check it out!!!

But I promise you guys, if you have F21 or other stores , they are so much better!!lol

I just don't have so much choice here because that store is almost all we got for girls!!!lol

But if you live in hawaii, definitely check the store!! I actually never cared for that store because I always thought the quality of the products from JW is crappy. But I actually started to buying stuff there and now I am liking it!!! Now they sell not only non-brand, but they sell hello kitty, apple-bottom, baby phat and even forever 21!!!!

So now I think it totally worth to go check out their stuff!!!!

Thanks for reading guys!!!! and thanks for always leaving me comments!! You have no idea how much that makes me happy;) xoxo OJLIFE