Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiffany and Co on my nails

So I got one great nail design idea from this tiffany box;)

This is what I came up with!!!!
As you can see, I used Revlon nail polish, enamel in Minted. Ever since I saw this color for the first time, it reminded me a beautiful color of tiffany and co box.

I usually wear rings on both of my ring fingers so I put rings on my nails as well. The base color is the revlon in minted. After that, I used white nail polish and drew lines. Then, I put silver glitter on top and bottom of white lines. And applied these huge stones on ring fingers. Cut silver chains and applied on both side of the stones.

Look how big is the stone!!!!!!!! You worry it might come off easiliy??

So I used gel nail!!! I applied 3 coats of gel to secure the stones and it is good to go;)

I created this look about 3 days ago and they are still on my fingers.
( Just let you know I cook, wash dishes, take shower and everything with these nails)

I also did my toe nails and put rings on them too;) I put rhinestones in the center and cut chains and put on both side!! (This is just nail polish, no gel)

so what do you like think? hope you guys liked it;)

I am not posting as often as I would like to because of work!!
But thank you guys for reading my blog;)




  1. Wow, that looks so cute!
    Love the revlon nail polish!

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  2. Aww I love them! So so cute, that is a really good idea hun, welldone :p xxxx

  3. I really like it!!! It's so cute. Good job^^

  4. Just love that creamy Tiffany's color! You are so, very creative. Your nails look fantastic!

  5. *Discombobulatedd*
    Thanks for the comment!! I will def check out your giveaway;) Thank you for letting me know;)

    *Alice Louise*
    Thank you!! you should try out sometimes too;)

    Awwww thank you for your comment!!! Ureshii;)

    yea I love the tiffany's color too;) Thank you girl<3

  6. Gorgeous! wish my nails were long enough to paint them like that. that is talent that is! lol xx

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  8. I really love the nails!!!
    I like the toe's stone alot tooo!!! <3


  9. wow!! amazing manicure!!! it's such a original idea hun!! great great job!! ur toe nails look so cute!!

  10. so cute!

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  11. I love the color,design,and ring. beautiful!!

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  13. OMG! this is soooooo freaking cute. i love it.


  14. Cool and new art of nail polish presentation......