Saturday, May 8, 2010

lill Haul & I am loving....

I actually bought these about a week ago,,,,, Sorry I couldn't post it earlier!!!

But anyway,





Did you wonder what this is?? This is actually a ring!!! It actually stretch well so really comfortable to wear!!! I am not big fan of rings at all. Just because I already have marriage rings to wear and also ring from my family. So I usually have at least 3 rings on my hands and I thought it is too much to wear more than that!!

But when I first saw it, I fell in love with this!!! I didn't go to store to get this. I was just standing at the cashier and this was on the side, telling me that she wants me to be a owner!!!!lol
There were white one and black one so I decided to get black one. This was only $3.99.

This picture shows you how big this ring is!! IT'S HUUUUUGEEE!!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!!
I fell in love with this cute look, how comfortable it is to wear, and the SIZE~!!!!

This is headband with huge ribbon!!!!! I didn't have anything like this and I always wanted to get one with ribbon!! So this was perfect!! This was only $2.99 so I got it!!!

I really like the material they use on this! Super silky looking! Since my hair is dark, even though I put this on my head, it's not gonna be like " Daaaaang you get a huge ribbon on your head", you know?!? lol So I think it's important to pick the color carefully!!

I love this!!!^u^

This is earrings that have pearls on heart!!! I am a collector of earrings!!! but I didn't have pearl earring much and I really like this. When I dress up something casual, like white hollister shirt and jeans, I just wear this and put my hair down. Since my hair is dark, this earring stands out!!!

This is how it looks from the side!!

This is a picture of me wearing it!! So cute, right?? This was $3.99.

The last one is earring of black ribbon!!! By now, you guys can tell that
Ribbons started to be popular recently but waaaay before that I always loved it!!!!

When you put it on, it's pretty big. As you can see, it covers my second hole so I would just wear this by itself. I love the size of this too!!!

You guys might be wondering where I got these from. I got these from "Jeans warehouse" which is only located in hawaii state!!! Their website is here if you guys wanna check it out!!!

But I promise you guys, if you have F21 or other stores , they are so much better!!lol

I just don't have so much choice here because that store is almost all we got for girls!!!lol

But if you live in hawaii, definitely check the store!! I actually never cared for that store because I always thought the quality of the products from JW is crappy. But I actually started to buying stuff there and now I am liking it!!! Now they sell not only non-brand, but they sell hello kitty, apple-bottom, baby phat and even forever 21!!!!

So now I think it totally worth to go check out their stuff!!!!

Thanks for reading guys!!!! and thanks for always leaving me comments!! You have no idea how much that makes me happy;) xoxo OJLIFE

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