Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm back!! Here's some nail arts and eyelash perm review!!

okaaaaay;) So I am FINALLY back to my blog !!!!! It's not that I got
This past 2 weeks, I had been so busy with work!! When I work it was almost 18 hours a day. Even though I get off the next day, my body was still tired so I am so happy to be back!!! I bought several exciting products in this past 2 weeks so I will post them later on!!!

So I don't actually have this nail on me any more but I will just share this with you guys!!
I used light pink as a base color and put gold nail polish from the middle of nails to upper!!
Between these colors, I applied gold glitter which I LOVE!!!
And at the end I put flower stickers on thumb nails and ring finger nails!!
(This is only nails polish)

I did this nail for my friend!!! I actually did almost same designed nails on my other friend's nails ( I posted pictures before so if you want to look click here) and my friend was like " Oh I want the same design!!!"This time color didn't really show up on the camera much but in real life, it looks more blueish color!!! These are with flash and without flash!!
(This is gel nails)

I also painted her toe nails!!! She said she liked it simple. So the base color is just a nude color and put a gold glitter like how you do your french nails!! Gold glitter stands out so well on toes! I love it so much!!!
(This is only nail polish)

okay so here is a review on eyelash perm!!! Some of you might be like "What is eyelash perm?" Basically, what you do is perm your eyelash with special liquid and your eyelashes are going to stay curled for a month or so. Since my friend has skill and equipments to do this, she did it on my eyelashes;)

so this is before the perm. As you can see, lashes are just so straight. Typical Asian lashes,,lol

yea it looks pretty creepy and sorry about that!! I wasn't gonna take pictures but I thought some of you might want to see how you do it so here is the picture!
I was the one closing my eyes for a entire time so I didn't see everything of course. But what I felt on my skin was first she put some kind of glue on my eyelids and stabilize these yellow things. Then put all my upper eyelashes on this yellow thing. This takes the longest. After all the lashes fits in, apply a special liquid( I don't exactly know what it is) on eyelashes and leave it for about 20 min. and At the end slowly take out lashes from yellow parts and take off the glue between eyelids and yellow things with cotton with water. Total it took about 2 hours.
This is how it looks after. It was so hard to catch this curl with camera. But you can tell the lashes are going up compared to the first picture. You can actually tell the difference a lot better from the front but since I didn't take any front picture before the perm application, I decided not to post a pic.This eyelash perm works great on me!! I don't even need to curl my eyelashes anymore in the morning.

My friend said my lashes are pretty thick compared to other people's one so it is harder to absorbs the liquid and also harder to get curled. So just keep in your mind that it does not grantee that you would have a perfect curls. It really depends on what kind of eyelashes you have.

Only one thing my friend told me was since this is same thing as you perming your hair, of course your eyelashes get damaged a bit. But as long as you use any kind of treatment for your lashes, it is totally okay for lashes.

I use
L'Oreal Eyelash Serum!!!!

So far, I haven't noticed any damage on my lashes, and it's been about 2 weeks now.

So if you know any place that you can get your eyelashes permed, I would definitely recommend you to try out!! This time, my friend did this for me for free since I did her nails. But I would say if I have to pay for this, maximum I would pay is under $40.

If any of you have tried this, let me know~~;) Or do you guys have any product you like to keep your lashes curled for long time?

Let me know (^v^)

you guys have a beautiful day