Sunday, May 30, 2010

My skill for my puppy

(This post is not related to any makeups or fashion!)

Yup!! This is my baby puppy, his name is PUFFY!!! He is going to be 2 years old next month!!
He is 100% Pomeranian!!

I never was into pet before. I never grew up with any pets (just gold fishes). I used to be whatever about any kind of pets. But puffy is so special to me!!!

Anyway, he had his toy to chew which was a stuffed giraffe. But the lill giraffe finally got destroyed by puffy's aggressive chewing . ( Rest in Peace giraffe)

So we had to get him another toy. But today I was so bored I decided to make one toy for him!!!

This is what I came up with. Tadaaaa----!!!(^v^) My grandma used to teach me how to sew so it was super easy!!!

Sorry lill white teddy bear for sacrifice you for the toy!!
I had to cut this bear for materials.(I feel like I'm such a bad person!!!)
I mean,,,,, look at it!!

but my baby puffy is so happy with that toy so I am happy too;)

I love you PUFFY!!!


  1. Your dog is sooo cute!! And I will def do a review on the mascara soon :) it's one of my favorites! xxxx

  2. What a cute puppy!:D So sweet and creative of you to make that new toy!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. So cute! Look at that bumpy little nostril!

  4. omg he's so lovely :)

  5. ooooooh........ so cute!! You 2 look adorable!
    thanks so much for the award hun! but I never know what to write...

  6. Your puppy is so cute!


  7. awww.... that is so so sweet.....

  8. *Ariel*
    If it's your favorite, gotta be a real good mascara!!! Thank you Ariel! super nice of u;)

    Thank you Marie!! I had to make one cuz he looked so miserable without a toy... haha

    Thank you girl;)

    Thanks for the compliment!! he will be happy to hear that!!lol

    you so deserve that award!! I love reading your blog<3 lol I know!! 5 facts about me thing took a while for me to type too,,lol

    Thank youuuuu<3

    Thank you for the comment girl;)

  9. Aww what a cutie! And I like the toy you made - I want to try making a toy one day for my dog too :D

  10. *Keiko*
    You soo should!! It def worth it once you see your dog loving it;)

  11. Oh, such a cute dog. Makes me want one. :P

  12. hahaha poor bear! but at least the pup is happy
    : ) that's pretty cool that you could make a toy

  13. *vincent*

    i know the bear looks so miserable,,,lol I felt like I'm a murderer!!!lol