Saturday, May 8, 2010

GIRLY clothes, bags and shoes!!

So I was looking at Japanese fasion website one night, and I thought these clothes are SO CUTE!!!!If you guys are interested in these, you can go here and check it out. They do international shipping but shipping is pretty expensive.

( I am not related to this company at all, and I am not getting paid to do this.)

So Here we go!!!

This boot is 3980 yen. ($40) This boot, you can take off the par of heart if you want to. And if you unfold the top, you can wear this as nee high boots;)

This is 2980yen. ($30) This is what you can wear at home. Obviously it looks so comfy and cute!! There are ears on the hat, ribbons on the pockets and smalls balls on the leg warmers! You can pick the color from white, brown, light pink, rose and black. top, bottom and legwarmers come together!

This is 3980yen. ($40) This is such a cute pair of heels!!! You can pick from these 4 colors!! And the heel part is clear with glitter!!

This is 3980yen. ($40) The heels are pretty high but definitely sexy!! You can pick from white and black.

This is 2980yen. ($30) This comes with shirt, tank-top, and skirt. So each item is about $10. You can pick color from gray, pink, and black.

This is 2980yen. ($30) I thought this one is so cool cuz the heel is made out of a shape of heart!! And the heel is not too high so should be pretty comfortable to wear!!

You can pick the color from rose, black and light pink~

This is 2980yen. ($30) I have pretty similar shoes with this and I prefer mine but I don't mind getting another pair like this. I like this idea a lot because this is a mix of shoes and heels!! It can never go wrong;)

This bag is 2480yen. ($25) I think this is super cute!!! I really like the materials they use and settled color!

This is 2480yen. ($25) This bag reminds me of barbie bag!! Super cute!! I remember when I was kid, my barbie had this kind of bag!!! You can pick color from black, pink and white!

This is 2480yen. ($25) I really like these kind of purses which I can put a lot of stuff!!
If this material is super soft, then I would definitely want to get it!! Variety of color you can pick from is light pink, pink, white, light purple and black!

This is 1980yen.($20) This one is super Hime!!(means princess) and the price is good too;) I really like the detail of the ribbons. It's not only ribbons but there are rhinestones on it!!

This is 1980yen. ($20) I really like the variety of the colors. It's so spring-ish!! Great part is that you can take off the ribbons if you want to!!

This is 1980yen, ($20) Like the one above this, I like the variation of the colors and the design of the heels. The heels is 9cm which is 3.5 inches.

This is 980yen. ($10) Love the detail, love the size of ribbons and material~!

This is 500yen. ($5) yup!! I know!! I thought this price was mistake but it is not!! I don't know if they had a sale on this or what!! I think this is cute!! and colors are nice!!

So hopefully, you guys had fun looking at these!!! I really love Japanese fashion and products because they do such a great detail work and most of the time, the quality is good too!!

Let me know which one is your favorite is!! xoxo OJLIFE


  1. Ah I love those little teddybear sweatshirts:) They look so cozy to hang around the house in! x

  2. You comment so fast, Ariel!!! haha!! Thanks!! Yea I so agree!! That one looks so cozy! and cute;)

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