Monday, May 3, 2010

to make your nailpolish last longer...

When you paint your nails with nail polish, how long does it last??

For me, tips of nails start to come off in a couple days(with just nails polish).
May be it's because I do a lot of chores like cooking, washing dishes and stuff...
Or, it could be because of the product I'm using or the way I apply is wrong,,, I don't know,,,

But everyone knows the feeling when you spend a lot of time to make your nails pretty and it starts to come off in such a short period of time.

Don't you wish it last a bit longer??

So I started using this product more than a year ago..

Some people must be like " what is that???"

This is a SCALP BRUSH!!!!!

I scrub my scalp with this when I shampoo my hair. So I don't need to use my fingers.

I got this idea from a blog of the beauty GURU "binosusume" girl.
( I am sure a lot of people know this Japanese girl. Her youtube channel is the best!!!)
I was reading her blog and she mentioned that's what she use.

At that time, I really didn't like washing my hair with pretty nails ( but I had to)because every time I get out of the shower, I found either the tips or rhinestones were missing.

So I gave a try!!

This product is made in Japan so I had to order it through Japanese website. And had my parents sent it to me with other Japanese products that I ordered..

Anyways, this shows how big this brush is.

As you can see, it fits in hand very well!!!

This scrub part is made of silicon

So as you can see, it's flexible like this.

My opinion on this product is AWESOMEEEEE ^v^/

Honestly, when I ordered it, I wasn't really expecting anything.
But now I can't shower without this!!!!

This product definitely helped my nail polish to last longer.

But not only that.

This product cleans my scalp so well that every time I wash my hair, my scalp is not oily at all and keeps my hair smoother!!!

I used to FEEL like my scalp was clean when I was using my fingers but you can tell the BIG difference once you start using this.

Your scalp feels more refreshed!!!

I seriously can't shampoo without this now. And I take this with me as I travel.

plus, I got my hubby addicted to this as well, and he can't shampoo without this either,,lol

And this is not something you have to buy every month or something. Once you buy it, as long as you don't break it, you can use it for the longest time!!

Plus it's not expensive!! (Under $10)

So I would totally recommend this!!!

If you want to get a exactly same product that I got, you can check here.
With tax, it would be $7.75. plus shipping!!! This scrubber actually got a award in Japan.
(I know, award for scalp brush sounds pretty crazy. But I am telling you! It works great!)

If you don't wanna hustle so much to order it from another country, you can go to ebay and type "SCALP BRUSH" in search box, you get all kind of variety there.

I have tried this kind in Japan, and it works good and feels good too!!
(btw, in this website, it shows a pic of using this on animals. but you can of course use it for human and I don't think it is made for animals. but well,, there 's always many ways to use one product.!)

But I personally think that was too sharp for scrubbing scalp with. So I prefer using silicon one.
(But just keep in your mind that this is what I prefer)

This one is very similar to the one I have. It seems like it's silicon.

Hope you give a try!!!!

P.S Now I have 10 Subscriber~!!!!!! YAAAAY!! This means soo much to me!! Thank you guys for always making my days!! Hope I get a bit more subs because I am planning giveaway!!!!

Thank you for reading<3



  1. Great idea!:D I'll be checking out my Sally's soon!:D

    Thanks for sharing and happy Tuesday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. The scalp brush looks like a good idea! I hate trying to scrub my hair/scalp in the shower when I have cute polish or fake nails on :P

  3. i'll have to try this! i think i'm going to check my Sally's too, or that one off eBay.

    how much was shipping from the Japanese website? I hate paying international shipping and waiting forever. :/

  4. Marie
    Check out Sally's if you can! hope you like it!

  5. Keiko
    I know what you are saying! This works great on me!

  6. Kaitlyn
    yea defi give a try! The one that I got from rakuten website is the shipping was like $7 I think,,,yea i know it's expensive. I didn't need to pay for the international shipping because my family in Japan sent it to me. But yea the silicon one from ebay looks good;)

  7. I finally went to Sally's and got one today!

    They had a 'Sally Girl' one for .79 cents, it was all plastic and I was afraid it would tangle my hair and hurt.

    I found a 'BaByliss' one, that had silicon picks for $1.99.

    So def check out Sally's everyone! :) I'm going to repaint my nails and shower soon to see how it works out!

  8. kaitlyn!!!!
    Thanks for actually trying out!! Let me know how that went!